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We have a wide range of underfloor heating products in stock. Offering market-leading brands such as Emmeti and Heatmiser. We offer free Delivery to Uk Mainland (excluding Highlands) for orders over £250. We are your one-stop shop for underfloor heating packs, controls and spares.

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Underfloor Heating is one of the most energy-efficient ways of efficiently heating your home. Firstly, the underfloor runs at lower temperatures when compared to conventional systems, such as radiators. Secondly, Underfloor heat produces radiant heat, that makes you feel warm. Both wet ufh and electric systems bring warmth through radiant floor heating, heating through floor coverings such as tiles, laminate, wood, vinyl and even carpet.

Our team is here to help, we can provide you with the cost of an underfloor heating system. After-sale support and technical advice are available, providing you with all the information you need to choose and install your underfloor heating system. Designs, showing the layout of your underfloor heating pipe, is also provided upon request.

All our products come with a manufacturers guarantee. We provide both water and electric underfloor heating systems. Offering a wide range to meet all your requirements. County offers complete wet underfloor heating kits, replacement parts and accessories. Underfloor heating mats and accessories are also available.

We offer floor heating systems for Concrete Floors (solid floor), Suspended Floors, Floating Floor, and Retro Fitt Floors. No Matter your floor height we have a system for you.

Wet Floor Heating Kits are suitable for any floor construction. Offering energy-saving electric floor heating kits with a heat output of 100Wm2 to 200Wm2. Our supplier produces the highest quality of electric heating elements and heating cables, designed to keep energy consumption as low as possible.

Our shop provides all the materials you require, from manifolds to thermostats. Supporting a wide range of system types and manufacturers. These Brands include, Emmeti, Heatmiser, Wilo, Grundfos, Hetta, RWC, John Guest, Mohlenhoff, and many others. Underfloor heating pipes come with a 50 Year Guarantee.

Under flooring, Heating Systems are manufactured to the highest quality, with all products that comply with industry standards. Bespoke quotations, tailored to the requirements of each customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q . How much does Underfloor Heating Cost:

This all depends on the size of a project. A 20m2 pack can cost as little as £500 pound, but then you must consider the cost of installing under floor heating. Money is saved by the running cost of water systems when compared to electric. Water UFH can be around 25% more efficient than radiators. With any system heat, loos play a huge factor in how the system will perform.

Q. What Size Wattage do I need for the electric underfloor?

If heating a standard room that is insulated, 150w or greater is required. If heating a conservatory or a kitchen where lots of the room has fixed furniture, we advised 200w to be used. 200w heats up faster than the 150 so if you can use it, you may as well have the most powerful.

Q. How hot does the floor get?

The floor should not exceed 27 degrees for wood flooring and no more than 29 degrees for solid floors.

Q. How do I work out Pipe Quantity?

Based on 200mm Centres 5meters of pipe is required per me2. For 20m2, 100m of pipe is required.

For 150mm centres 6.66m for ever m2. For 20m2 133.2metes is required. Maximum loop length on average is 100 linear meter (wouldn’t advise exceeding 110m per loop). Once you have worked the pipe out for the room you will then need to calculate the length of pipe to and from the manifold location.