Airofog Professional Cold Fogger U260


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Airofog professional cold fogger U260 is a portable ULV applicator. A reliable and powerful electric high speed (35,000 rpm) AC induction motor and fan create very small spray droplets, in the 15-30um droplet size range, by using a vertical air shear nozzle. The fine aerosol droplets will remain airborne for an extended period of time and are dispersed over an extensive area by the powerful air outlet at the nozzle.

The U260 model has an extendable hose that allows the operator to direct the fog into difficult to reach areas and spot treat where necessary.

Airofog ULV (ultra-low volume) cold fogger model U260 is in CE conformity in the scope of EMS Directive.

  • Powerful portable fogging device with 50cm extendable hose, for easier application.
  • Precisely controlled fog particle size for maximum efficiency
  • Compact ergonomic design
  • Separate filling aperture for ease of use
  • Quick change large air filter cartridge
  • Simple variable flow control with finger-operated dial
  • 5L graduated translucent solution tank
  • Designed for professional use
Fogger U260