Emmeti T2 TOPWAY PLUS 1inch Manifolds

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Emmeti T2 TOPWAY PLUS 1inch Manifolds are pre-assembled with flow meters allowing for regulations of flow between 0-4 litres per minute. These are on each port of the manifold allowing individual loop/zone regulation. These flow meters are visual indicators, allowing both engineer and end-user the ability to controls the system. The flow metes can also isolate a loop. The return Bar also included manual caps to isolate the system (these are usually replaced with actuators). All Emmeti manifolds come complete with auto air vents, pressure gauge, blanking plug for manifold (allowing for right and left configuration). Please note, Ball Valves are not included with this kit.

This state of the art Emmeti T2 TOPWAY PLUS 1inch Manifolds are assembled onto a metal bracket, making for quick and easy installation. It has an electrothermic body integrated for each return circuit, ready to be actuated by the electrothermic head. The electrothermic heads are connected to the room thermostats located in each room or zone, via a central wiring centre.

The manifold includes lockshields or flowmeters on the flow rail, with a double regulating function for individual circuit isolation, and manual setting of flow control for heat balancing per radiator. It also includes automatic air vents and drain-off (filling) points as standard. All of these reduce commissioning time, no longer having to physically move to each room or zone to balance each radiator.

Integrated functions

Central control for distribution, manual isolation by a circuit or by floor, commissioning of each zone by balancing, system air venting and automatic “electrical” flow isolation when a room is up to temperature. This also allows individual circuit purging.

Optional functions

  • Measuring of flow using flow meters, allowing reading of dynamic flow during balancing. Measuring of temperature using thermostats integrated into the ball valves, one on the flow and one on the return rail. These aid installation by allowing the installer to verify the hot water is flowing, and how much, as well as what flow and return temperatures are being achieved.
  • Differential by-pass, to prevent pump wear and tear.
  • Time/temperature wall stats, with the set back facility, for the individual zones or rooms.
  • Wiring centre, allowing boiler interlock and pump stop/start.

Emmeti T2 TOPWAY PLUS 1inch Manifolds Specification

  • Nickel-Plated extruded Brass construction –
  • STAINLESS Inlet Connections 1″
  • Outlet Connections 24×19
  • Outlet Centres 50mm
  • Individual Circuit Isolation
  • 10 Bar Maximum Operating
  • Pressure 110C Maximum Operating Temperature

Manufacturer Part Number

  • 2 Port – 01282260
  • 3 Port – 01282262
  • 4 Port – 01282264
  • 5 Port – 01282266
  • 6 Port – 01282268
  • 7 Port – 01282270
  • 8 Port – 01282272
  • 9 Port – 01282274
  • 10 Port – 01282276
  • 11 Port – 01282278
  • 12 Port – 01282280

Data Sheet

Emmeti Topway T2 Manifold

URL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hWvqkWFCfI

For any information on Emmeti product range please visit –  https://emmeti.co.uk/

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Emmeti T2 TOPWAY PLUS 1inch Manifolds

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Emmeti T2 TOPWAY PLUS 1inch Manifolds