Emmeti U9530030 12x2MM PE-XA 3-LAYER OXYGEN BARRIER 240M


Emmeti 240m 12 x 2 PE-XA Pipe

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Emmeti PE-Xa barrier pipe, a 3 layer pipe using PE-Xa inner and an EVOH outer layer. Suitable for UFH and other emitters. MAX95°C, 6BAR Using a simple construction, it has an inner layer of PE-Xa, (Cross Linked Polyethelene), an adhesive layer and an outer oxygen barrier layer of EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl-Alcohol Resin).

The EVOH layer prevents permeation of oxygen through the tubing. In underfloor heating, as the temperature increases the inter-molecular space of the pipe becomes gradually bigger than the oxygen molecule allowing the oxygen to penetrate the pipe and oxygenating the water which leads to corrosion of the metal components parts such as mixing valves, boilers etc. therefore reducing the systems life time. This pipe is for use with HEATING SYSTEM ONLY

Key Features:
– Max 95oC Water Temperature
– Max 6 Bar
– Three layer oxygen barrier pipe
– Cross Linked Polyethelene