Thermostatic TRV Radiator Rad Valve Straight 1/2″ x 15mm Chrome Reversible


Kartell Thermostatic Straight Radiator Valve

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Thermostatic valves are used for regulating the flow of water to the radiators controlled by your central heating system. These valves have a head that you can turn to select your desired number – the number selects the temperature you desire. Thermostatic valves work by using a regulating element which controls the valve opening, allowing you to maintain the room temperature at the heat setting you have selected. They are an excellent energy saver, since the valve stops any unnecessary temperature rises.
Comes with a 10 year guarantee for added peace of mind.
Product Features:
  • Thermostatic head
  • Reversible bi-directional body
  • Built in sensor with liquid-filled element
  • Fully tested to 10 bar
  • Max pressure difference of 0.8 bar
  • Nominal flow rate 173kgs/h
  • Max flow temperature of 120°C
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically