Underfloor Heating Tacker Clips/Staples 60mm Carton 6000 clips


6000 (full carton) Underfloor Heating Tacker Clips/Staples. Each carton consists of 20 x 300 60mm clips/staples.

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These Underfloor Heating Tacker Clips/Staples are used for fixing pipes onto insulation. 60mm clips are the most common form of installation method and are suitable for both 14 – 20mm ufh pipe . These clips/staples, can be used with Uponor Tacker and most of the other brands within the industry. Samples can be send upon request.

Tacker Guns can hold around 120 clips, so installation speed can be increased by up to 75%. Because these clips are held together by tape in reels of 30, reloading of the tacker guns are also a quick and easy process.

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Underfloor Heating Tacker Clips Carton