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Showing 1–12 of 19 results

Wet underfloor heating manifolds are the heart of a water-based system. Water UFH systems work by supplying a series of pipes with warm water. The underfloor manifolds distribute the water. Which are connects to the heat sources such as a boiler or a heat pump. The underfloor manifold circulates warm water throughout the floor space. The whole floor space emits radiant heat, making ufh more efficient. Underfloor operates at lower temperatures making the system more efficient.

Manifolds can supply multiple rooms. Rooms often referred to as zones can have many loops. The manifold distributes water to each loop. Manifolds are fitted with adjustable flow meters. Each loop can be set depending on the flow rate needed.  Manifolds are responsible for warming different rooms to different temperatures. The thermostatic mixing valves are responsible for setting the temperature. Pump sets regulate the speed.

We stock a range of pump sets to support both boiler and heat pump systems. 

Using wiring centers, thermostats, and actuators, allowing rooms to be independently controlled.

We offer High-Quality Manifolds that comply we UK Standards. Offering Both Nickel Plated Brass and Stainless steel Manifolds. Manifold Port sizes are available in 2-12 ports. Our manifolds support up to 110 meters of pipe per circuit. Designs service available (pdf required). Designs show loop lengths, loop layout, flow rates, manifold location(s),  and zones.

Available spares and replacement parts available.

Upon request, we can support the following Manufacturers:

  • JG Speedfit
  • Polypipe
  • Hep2O (Wavin)
  • Myson (Purmo)

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