Fixing Components

We offer a wide range of Underfloor Heating Floor Fixing Components. These components support installation with all types of floor constructions. From Tacker Clips for Insulation to Spreader Plates.

Showing 1–12 of 30 results

Showing 1–12 of 30 results

Underfloor heating systems accommodate all floor types and finishes. For Screeded systems, staples, trays, and clip rail are the most common components. Cable ties can but used with reinforcing mesh.

For suspended floors, we have various types of aluminium spreader plates. We can support installations when fitting from above or below (FFB – fit from below).

We also support floating floor systems when screed systems are not desired. These systems are also applicable to suspended floor constructions.

Retrofit Panels are becoming a high demand product. The gypsum system is only 18mm high, using a 12mm pipe, which you can tile directly onto.

Our insulated cement boards, with only 20mm build-up is another retrofit solution. Tiles can be fitted directly onto the panels. The pre-grooved panels (150mm centres) allow for 16mm pipe. Which mean longer pipe runs, and higher flow rates.

Accessories to aid with installations can also be found in this category.
Bulk Discounts can be provided upon request. Please email [email protected].

You will find the following products within Underfloor Heating Fixing Components:

  • Tacker Clips/Staple
  • Floating Floor Panels
  • Clip Rail/Track
  • Manual Holding Clips
  • Plastic Castellated Trays
  • Spreader Plates
  • Cable Ties
  • Accessories