Heating Pipe

Offering the best quality underfloor heating pipe. Offering big brands, including Emmeti, Hetta, and John Guest. We have a range of Pert-Al, PEX, and Pert Pipe.

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Showing all 7 results


MLCP  (PERT-AL) – is a multi Layer pipe that consisting of a pert inner and outer layer. With a 0.2mm thick edge-welded aluminium core, held together with adhesive.


PEX- is a layered pipe with an inner and outer layer of cross-linked polyethylene. With an oxygen barrier in the center, held together by two layers of adhesive.


PERT – is a five-layer pipe with an internal and external layer of high-grade polyethylene. With an oxygen barrier in the center, held together by two layers of adhesive.

The oxygen barrier prevents any oxygen from entering and eliminates corrosion within the pipe system. All pipe lengths come with the manufacturer’s guarantee of a minimum of 50 years. Hetta Brand has Wras Approval, which can be used with water supply systems such as drinking water.

Choosing the right Underfloor heating pipe?

Underfloor heating pipe size:

PEX pipe is only stocked in 12mm, used with our Lowtex system and gypsum systems. Max Loop Length 80m.

PERT and PERT-AL are available in different loop lengths from 50m to 500m.

The difference in output in the two underfloor heating pipes is almost none existent. The preference between the two is usually down to the installation. PERT pipe is more user friendly, as it is more adverse. Pert Al Pipe is commonly used by installers, as it holds its shape and requires fewer clips.

All our pipes meet the following criteria:

  • CE certified to meet all the EU and UK standards.
  • High mechanical strength and durability
  • Easy to cut, bend, and fit
  • High temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion free
  • 100% Oxygen barrier
  • Smooth inner surface to reduces resistance to the fluids, make heating warm up quicker
  • Emmeti Pert 16mm= 8 Bar @ 95oC
  • Emmeti Pert-Al 16mm = 10 Bar @ 95oC
  • Hetta Pert AL 16mm = 10 bar @ 70oC
  • Emmeti Pex 12mm = 10m @ 90oC
  • 50 year warranty