Underfloor Heating Accs

Underfloor heating accessories. Underfloor Perimeter Edging Foam and Pipe Conduit to Vapour Barrier and Underfloor Heating Bend Supports. Your One-Stop Shop for Underfloor.

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Showing all 5 results

Sundry and Underfloor Accessories items that complete an underfloor heating system.  These components are not always required. Purchasable as a stand-alone or additional product.

Pipe Conduit

Used on pipe tails. Used to insulate flow and return pipes. Is most commonly used in doorways and near manifold locations. By insulating the pipe the floor will not overheat.  Also, ensure maximum heat distribution to desires heating areas.

Perimeter Edging

Used on all walls. used to prevent cracking when the screed dries and expands. Includes a PVC membrane.

Bend Support

Used to create a 90-degree bend from the floor to the manifold keeping the pipe neat and tidy.

Vapour Barrier

Installed between the underfloor and insulation. Minimum of 500guage membrane to prevent bridging of insulation when pouring and to prevent any moisture from getting into the screed once laid.

Self Leveling and Primer

Use with or without underfloor heating. Prime before laying the self-leveler. the primer ensures the bonding of the compound to the subfloor.  offering a range of self-leveling compounds with different applications and thicknesses. Offering industry-leading brands like Mapei and Ultra Floor.

If you do not see the Underfloor Heating Accessory that you require please email [email protected].  It is likely that we can support you with the product.