Electric Systems

We off the full range of Electric Underfloor heating systems and components for all types of floor constructions. From In Screed Cables to Foiled Kits, we can support any requirement for any installation.

Showing 1–12 of 27 results

Showing 1–12 of 27 results

Ideal for your floor in your bathroom, kitchen or conservatory, electric underfloor heating is low maintenance, effective and efficient way to heat entire rooms. Whether you have tiles, wood, laminate or carpet, underfloor heating can create a cosy atmosphere and add a luxurious feel to your floors.

Vogue Electric underfloor heating kits are ideal for using directly under tiles and is the perfect solution when renovating a bathroom.

ThermoSphere electric underfloor heating maximises the options for underfloor heating through a home. The systems available allow for a cost-effective solution when wet underfloor heating is not possible.

For Tile/Stone flooring use “in” screed cable, membrane or mesh system. Along with insulation and accessories, these systems can be installed with minimal build-up.

For Wood/Carpet/Vinyl Flooring, the foiled system is the ideal solution.  Giving you a high performing system.

Our team can provide bespoke quotations to meet all requirements.

Wet Room components can also be provided.