When getting an underfloor heating system, you may want Underfloor Heating Tools to support you with the install. Tacker Tools/Gun and Decoilers can make light work of an install and can increase work speed of up to 70%.

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Showing all 6 results


Used to neatly uncoil the pipe as you install, using this tool also prevents kinking of the pipe.

Tacker Gun

Fits both the 40 and the 60mm tacker clips. Holding approximately 100clips at a time. The gun includes a stand and a window so that if the clip jams, this can be easily removed without dismantling the tacker tool.

Reaming Tool

Used to straighten pert-al pipe once cut. This ensures that when fitted to the pipe coupling that there is no leak on the connection.

Pipe Cutters

Used to cut the pipe clean and straight.

Pressure Testing Pump

Used to check the underfloor for leaks before the pipe is covered.

Other underfloor heating tools and accessories are available, such as heavy-duty staple guns, knives, and PTFE tape. If you can not see what you want type into the search bar or contact the team at [email protected].