Mapelastic Aquadefense Tanking Kit

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Product Overview

Mapelastic Aquadefense Tanking Kit is a ready to use kit for the rapid waterproofing of bathrooms, wet rooms and showers to receive tiles after 4 hours without the need to prime. Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) 73452KIT

Where to use a Mapelastic Aquadefense Tanking Kit

To form waterproofing layers before applying ceramic, stone and mosaic coatings in:

  • bathrooms and shower cubicles;
  • wet rooms;
  • kitchens.

Mapelastic AquaDefense Tanking Kit may be applied to:

  • concrete;
  • cementitious screeds and screeds made using special binders;
  • plasterboard (for internal applications only);
  • existing coatings in ceramic, terrazzo and stone;
  • cementitious render.

Kit Advantages

The components of Mapelastic AquaDefense Tanking Kit are supplied ready to use.

  • Mapelastic AquaDefense is a rapid product:
    • wait 1 hour after applying the first coat and 3 hours after applying the second coat before applying tiles;
    • ceramic tiles may be bonded after 4 hours (at +23°C and 50% R.H. when applied on a dry screed with less than 3% residual moisture).
  • Mapelastic AquaDefense is elastic: at +23°C it has 3.2 mm crack-bridging capacity without reinforcement.
  • Mapeband PE 120 is made from polyester mesh and PVC fabric:
    • elastic and deformable;
    • impermeable to water and vapour;

Technical Characteristics

Mapelastic AquaDefense is a totally solvent-free, ready-to-use, ultra-quick drying, one-component light blue, synthetic resin-based paste in water dispersion.

Mapeband PE 120 (PVC waterproof tape) is used to waterproof corners between adjacent walls and between walls and floors to be treated with Mapelastic AquaDefense.

Application Restrictions

  • Do not apply Mapelastic AquaDefense if the temperature is lower than +5°C.
  • Mapelastic AquaDefense must always be covered with ceramic, mosaic or stone.
  • Do not apply Mapelastic AquaDefense on cementitious substrates or on substrates with residual humidity higher than 3% and recurring rising damp.
  • Do not apply Mapelastic AquaDefense on crumbly cementitious substrates, old floors which are not well bonded to the substrate or surface treatments which impede a good bond.
  • Do not use Mapelastic AquaDefense to cover cracks.

Application Procedure

Preparing the substrate

Substrates must be well-cured, sound, clean, dry and free of oil, grease, cement laitance, old paint and any other substance which could compromise the bond. Cementitious substrates must be stable and dry with no rising damp. Surface dust must be completely removed.

Uneven surfaces may be prepared using a suitable levelling/ smoothing compound. On old ceramic floors with hollowed or empty tile joints, or whenever slopes on surfaces need to be levelled out before spreading on Mapelastic AquaDefense, we recommend applying a smoothing and levelling layer. Substrates in this condition must be thoroughly checked and all coatings, such as wax, water-repellent treatments, etc. must be removed from the surface with a suitable cleaning product and/ or by abrasion.

Before applying Mapelastic AquaDefense, pay particular attention to expansion joints and fillet joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces. In such cases, apply Mapeband PE 120 bonded in place with Mapelastic AquaDefense. Before applying Mapelastic AquaDefense on old ceramic and natural stone floors, use Eco Prim Grip primer.

Application of the product

Mapelastic AquaDefense must be applied in two even, coats (approx. 0.4 mm per coat) with a long-haired roller, brush or trowel. Wait until the first coat is dry, making sure the product becomes darker with a matt finish, before applying the second coat diagonally to the first (approximately 1 hour at +23°C and 50% relative humidity of the air and with substrates having residual humidity lower than 3%). The final thickness of the two coats of Mapelastic AquaDefense must be at least 0.8 mm in order to create a robust, flexible and continuous film. Make sure there are no interruptions in the film caused by imperfections in the substrate.

If Mapelastic AquaDefense is applied to form an anti-fracture membrane on cracked substrates, it is recommended to insert reinforcement such as Mapetex 50, in to the first coat while it is still fresh. Mapetex 50 must be pressed down with a bubblebreaker roller on the first coat of Mapelastic AquaDefense while it is still fresh. Wait until the first coat is dry then apply the second coat in order to completely embed Mapetex 50. Drying times may increase as Mapetex 50 insertion increases the final thickness of the applied lm. In bathrooms, a water-tightness test may be carried out 12 hours after applying the final coat of Mapelastic AquaDefense.

Ceramic, stone and mosaic tiles may be laid 4 hours after applying the second coat (at +23°C and 50% relative humidity of the air) using a C2-class MAPEI adhesive according to EN 12004 standards, to be selected according to the final use of the floor or coating. For quickly laying tiles use Keraquick S1 (class C2FT S1) or rapid setting products. Grout tile joints with a special cementitious grout or epoxy grout. Seal expansion joints with a special sealant (such as Mapesil AC or Mapesil LM according to requirements).


Mapelastic AquaDefense may be removed easily from tools and surfaces while still fresh with water.


Mapelastic AquaDefense: 1 kg/m² for two coats (1.3 kg/m² per mm of thickness)

Kit Content

  • 1x 7.5 kg Mapelastic AquaDefense (liquid waterproofing membrane ready to use from the tub);
  • 1x 10 m Mapeband PE 120 (PVC waterproof tape).

The tanking kit comprises of Mapelastic AquaDefense and Mapeband PE 120, which is used to form waterproofing layers before applying ceramic, stone, and mosaic coatings to areas in contact with moisture and running water. The former’s second coat can be applied 1 hour after the first coat, and 3 hours after the second coat; when applied on a suitable substrate, such as a dry screed with less than 3% residual moisture, tiles may be bonded after 4 hours. The kit is also suitable for application on concrete; cementitious screeds and screeds made using special binders – including Topcem, Topcem Pronto, Mapecem, and Mapecem Pronto; internal applications to plasterboard; to existing coatings in ceramic, terrazzo and stone, and cementitious render.

Mapeband PE 120 is a waterproof tape made from polyester mesh and PVC fabric; elastic and deformable, it is used to waterproof corners between adjacent walls, and between walls and floors to be treated with Mapelastic AquaDefense. When working together, the kit creates a highly waterproof system.

For use on substrates that have been well-cured, and are sound, clean, and free of substances that could compromise the bond. Tiles installed on floors waterproofed with Mapelastic AquaDefense Tanking Kit can be opened to foot traffic within 12 hours from the start of installation.


  • Mapelastic AquaDefense may be stored for up to 24 months in its original packaging in a dry place. Protect from frost.
  • Mapeband PE 120 should be stored in its original packaging on site.

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