SuperQuilt Trade Insulation

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Product Overview

YBS SuperQuilt Trade insulation is a no nonsense high performing multi-foil insulation, offering both high thermal properties, along with a highly effective built in vapour control membrane. Suitable for roofs, walls and floors.

Roll size: 1.5 x 10m.

The unique layer composition of SuperQuilt Trade offers a cost effective solution and sustainable approach to thermal insulation. With an overall thickness of just 40mm and consisting of 19 thermally efficient layers, it successfully deals with all forms of energy transfer. Flexible and easy to install, this high quality insulation offers good value and return in relation to money, time and effort.

SuperQuilt Trade insulation major benefits:

  • Suitable for roofs, walls and floors and offers the following major benefits.
  • Dual purpose, 2-in-1 insulating and vapour control membrane.
  • High thermal resistance of up to 2.84 m2 K/W, equivalent to 125mm mineral fibre insulation.
  • Reduces energy usage, saving money.
  • Effective radiant barrier – warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Unique kimble design that holds layers in place to avoid separation when cutting.
  • Thermally tested to industry standards.
  • Zero fibres removes the need for PPE.
  • Unique overlapping method totally removes the risk of thermal bridging.
  • Made in Britain.

How to install SuperQuilt

Pitched Roof Installation

Masonry Wall Installation

Timber Frame Wall Installation